J. Thompson Wyatt Post 2, Inc.







The Internet is a main source of information for many persons. The American Legion has an established web page where you can find much information about the Legion and the rest of the Legion family.

When completed - through your computer will be able to locate the address of our Post and see a map of our location in Petersburg and Virginia. 

Also available: You can see news releases, articles from the American Legion Magazine, Emblem sales items and much more information and the Legions web pages are updated as soon as the information changes or provided. 

You can learn of the American Legion work with Gulf War veterans throughout the United States, the Flag protection and disposal amendments. Our Post 2 page also has information about The Auxiliary, The Sons of the American Legion, and The American Legion Riders. 

You have references and links to government information such as benefits via the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

The home page is not only to be read - you will be able to send messages via e-mail. Both National and Post 2 can be reached with your questions, comments or concerns and a response, when required, can be returned quickly. Not only do you save the cost of a stamp, but, also, you will probably have an answer days sooner than by snail mail. In addition to e-mailing National Headquarters and Post 2 there are also lists of other offices with similar computer capabilities, such as Department Adjutants and Service Officers. At present there are many American Legion Post with their own web sites and when a Legion site is found it will be included along with their e-mail address. 

The American Legion Post 2 will not abandon the printed page as a source of information but because of its speed and efficiency, the Internet is here to stay and those Legionnaires with access to computers should take advantage of the wealth of information available on the Internet from Post 2 and other Legionnaires.  Hard copies may be picked up at the Post.